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Starting Website


Startup  of EspadLand Company


Finally, after patience, your dear companions, thanks to God and the day-to-day efforts

of the company's directors, were launched on the website of EspadLand.

The Spalled Informatics Team, with all its power and after months of endurance and diligence,

launched the EspadLand website at www.EspadLand.com

In order to be better served by serving you, please keep your dear companions happy.



With the goal of implementing the principle of "Direct Selling Industry", the website of EspadLand launched its activities as follows:

1. Turn NETWORK TRADING into a trusted and reputable business

2. Add a circle of activity in new areas of the sales cycle of goods and services by attracting more audiences

3. Reviving the culture and civilization of the survivors of the nations for the current generation of societies

4. The foundation of Unique products and powerful handicrafts in the industry of Direct Linking

5. Creating new employment businesses for the community, especially those interested in Networks Marketing


The following plans for the EspadLand site are as follows:

1. Diversification in handicrafts products from various international countries

2. Specialized training in e-commerce and network marketing

3. Load new digital marketing methods

4. Promote powerful CMS and Unicom


So please get back on track and complete the service.

"Be stable and purposeful"


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