Espad Land
Code of Ethics

EspadLand Code of Ethics:
We, the independent representatives of the Company, believe that:
• Respecting the law and enforcing regulations is a guarantee of the security and health of the community.
• Almighty destined man for his efforts, commitment and hardworking, and greed brings no result but loss and grief.
• The dignity and honour of a man (as the best creation of God) is only possible through the path of good thinking, good speech, honest deeds, chastity, and respect for the rights of others.
• Our personnel are our well-respected colleagues who have begun their business on the basis of trust and confidence in us.
Relying on the same beliefs, we are committed to:
• Observe ethics in our work environment.
• By no means do we interfere with our Cross-Line and allow the company to remove and block our virtual office after being warned 3 times..
• Refrain from dealing with non-work topics during work hours.
• Being attentive in relationship with others.
• Stop expanding and telling misconceptions about companies, management, revenue plans, products, and more.
• Never force someone to buy products.
• Avoid the destruction or humiliation of other companies.
• Refrain from offering tempting suggestions and negotiating with people who work in other companies, and if we face such cases, we will pass the issue to the company's management.
• Avoid blackening and expanding the defects in such a way as to discourage others.
• Support and educate others with respect.
• Consider the core rule of retail net-marketing that is based on personal retailing, and act at any level.
• Refrain from establishing financial and product relationships outside the framework of the law.
• Commit to organizational commitment.
By keeping the provisions of this Code, we have no doubt that the future of this valuable trade

will be a boost in our beloved homeland economy.