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Espad Land
About us


EspadLand : "Beginning of the End"


"Peace be upon the Purposeful"

The knowledge-based "EspadLand" Company is composed of specialized personnel, 

who have been working in the Direct Selling and Digital Marketing industry for many years.

We know the teamwork well and, in order to have the best team,

and have developed our knowledge on international level based on 12 principles:


1.Commitment to Social Responsibilities

2. Expansion of knowledge

3.Pragmatic commitment

4.International Attitude

5.Customer Orientation

6.System transparency

7.Respect for customs

8. Focus on principles

9 . Integrated  insight

10.Legacy excellence


12 . Purpose


By believing in these organizational values, we are on the path to success, and in order to stay on this path and being a pioneer in producing knowledge-based and unique goods, we adhere to our organizational values.
We believe in the fact that any kind of growth and prosperity requires international and local principles and information, and without knowledge and foundation there will be no growth.
This is the basis of our work.
We hope our products will be used by dear customer’s ones, and we played our part in this great movement.

Be stable and purposeful"