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Enameling Bowl Nuts 2 Azure

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Enameling Bowl Nuts 2 Azure

713.00 €

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Sweets and Nuts for Catering

A set of Bowl Nuts of pearls are a series of premium products and luxury pearl crafts.

This pug is used more often as a décor of the home and the workplace.

Even watching the enamel, this original art, which links the nature of the Earth with the colour of the sky, is relaxing.

You said art has mastered Mina's copper work.

The basis of this art is based on two elements of soil and fire, which in the end will appear in colourful and eye-catching colours.

The presence of crafts made with this 1500-year art in your home or office can be a sign of your artistic worth and respect for art and history.

Body Material: Copper

Other Features: Unbreakable - Scratch-resistant - Can be washed

This first-grade product is a 5 year’s personal identification card with a warranty.

Note: Due to the hand-crafted process that leads to any product, your custom product, in terms of role-playing, drawings and style, may not fit 100% of the product provided on the site, and is about 10% different.


*** Length Width Height Weight
BOX 630 mm 425 mm 160 mm 7,900 g
Plate 25 255 mm 255 mm 40 mm 430 g
 Bowl 18 185 mm 185 mm 100 mm 370 g
Bowl 12 115 mm 115 mm 95 mm 150 g
Plate 16 170 mm 170 mm 35 mm 150 g

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