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 Pre-Sale Plan of EpadLand's Products


On the occasion of the second anniversary of the establishment of ESPADLAND Company, in order to provide ideal conditions in the handicraft sales plan, pre-sale conditions have been created for Espadland Company networkers.


Through this plan, the customer can pre-purchase one of the company's handicraft products and start his business activity by paying 100 Euros.


The customer agrees that by paying the prepayment amount, he/she activates his business and after completing the amount of the difference, selects and buys his product.


The customer undertakes that in exchange for payment of the prepayment amount, until the repayment and settlement of the selected product, he will not have any request for cancellation and refund of the amount and his commission will be considered as the completion of the purchase of his product.


With this plan:

Customers who have planned to start a business with Espadland Company, but have not been able to sell a product or buy it from the company's website, will be able to use this promotion to start their business faster. 

Get started and enjoy the benefits of EspadLand's MLM.


The applicant of this plan deprives him of all his rights and regarding the request for termination and return of the prepayment amount.


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