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The knowledge-based "EspadLand" Company comprises specialized personnel who have worked in the Direct Selling and Digital Marketing industry for many years. EspadLand knows teamwork well and, to have the best team has developed our knowledge on an international level based on 12 principles. By believing in these organizational values, we are on the path to success, and to stay on this path and be a pioneer in producing knowledge-based and unique goods, we adhere to our organizational values ...

As a manufacturer, Espadland Company strives to develop collaborative efforts among marketers, customers, and manufacturers, as well as the use of technological tools and top international models and competitive advantages especially the brand, a wide range of customers and quality products. EspadLand's top missions are:
1 : Revival of Culture and Civilization.
2: The Village of Handicrafts.
3: Micro-investment in Capital Economy.

Help in making positive changes in the "direct selling" industry to make it a trusted and respected business, as it should be. This allows you to achieve the life you want and deserve. Espadland Company is always seeking to add its sphere of activity to new areas of sales of goods and services and hopes that by attracting more audiences to its goal, which is the production of high-quality, unique products, as well as the creation of new business opportunities for the benefit of the community, especially the ones who are interested in this field.
















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Operating with a business plan is usually a good idea. Only some companies can last very long without one. There are more benefits to creating and sticking to a good business plan. The business plan is essential for us and a strategic tool for Espads. Studies show that nearly 71% of the fastest-growing businesses have business plans. Marketing and market potential are critical aspects of a method for aspiring companies. Getting our business and missions in front of the community consistently is one of the keys to ensuring our business stays afloat and thrives. Our unique business plan not only helps our entrepreneurs focus on the specific steps necessary to succeed in the global sales team, but it also helps them achieve short-term and long-term objectives.


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Purpose can guide Life Decisions

EspadLand's 6-year purposes are essential and significant for the company. We will do our best to be one of the top 100 direct-selling companies in the world by the time we reach six years of the company's activity. To achieve this great goal, we have to complete different targets, and we are sure that this will happen with the help of united and powerful Espads worldwide.
Top 100 companies of Direct Selling
DSA and WFDSA License
EspadCare and EspadChain
Start of Holding with EspadLife
Sales Organization in 20 Countries


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What are the objectives of the EspadLand Brand?
1-To encourage the production of high quality and defect-free niche Handicraft products with minimal impact on the environment
2-To increase the earnings of the artists and other stakeholders of the Handicrafts industry
3-To generate a special marketplace for Handicraft products.

What Licenses do you have for your business?

1- Ebra | Europen Companies Registration Office. "Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia, USA"

2- KYCKR | Global company intelligence. Sweden/Espad Land/559169-7296

3- Bolagsverket | Swedish Companies Registration Office

4- Merinfo | Companies credit information

5- Eniro | Sweden Digital Marketing Certificate

6- Allabolag | Sweden companies information

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How can I find more information about the product ?

If something catches your eye, which we know it will, just click on the product and get all the necessary information in one go. In case you have further queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Marketing and Support team, which is at your service throughout the year.

What are Espadland's Shipping Terms?

1- Goods purchased during the week after calculating the current week's earnings and commission are placed in the shipping process.

2- Once the item is placed in the shipping process, the purchased item will be delivered to the customer within 60 business days (5 days in a week - holidays) Force majeure conditions are outside the company's obligations and are added to 60 business days.

3- Respected marketers and networkers IBO can cancel their purchase till Sunday every week before 23:00 (before calculating commission).they will receive a 100% refund within seven business days. After calculating the commission in the current period, there will be no possibility of any return, And the customer will fully accept this rule.

4- All goods are subject to qualitative and technical Inspection before shipping. Please avoid receiving the package if it is Damaged and report it to the Post Officer, then report it to the Department of Shipping on the website within 48 business hours.

5- All EspadLand's goods come with identification and warranty card inside the package.

6- The warranty of the products will be void if the networker, marketer, or customer cause the damage after Inspection by the experts

7- ESPADLAND will not be liable for any wrong shipping address or postal code entered by the user.

8.Tariffs for customs costs vary from country to country, all customer-related, and the company has no liability whatsoever.

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How to contact customer service?

If you have a question regarding our online store (ordering, account questions, technical questions), please get in touch with us or CRM or


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Our Message for ESPADS

1-Our belief in serving along customer orientation, creativity, innovation, and qualitative and flexible product lines.
2- We make and follow up the central Mission of ESPADLAND with Alliance.
3- We hope to effectively boost the economy by serving the direct selling industry on the eve of the third millennium.
4- May GOD Almighty Assist Us in this critical matter.

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One of the most professional applications in the Direct Selling industry will be unveiled by EspadLand soon. You will see an application with a different style! Until the unveiling, you can visit EspadLand's Web Application on all devices.
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